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Meet our bartenders

Linsea is the latest addition to the Baker Street team, and I am not sure we're ready. She looks like a porn star, talks like a lawyer, and is one of the best bartenders you've ever had the pleasure to watch. Linsea has very serious purse and shoe issues, so if you are looking for a way to her heart, look no further that a Steve Madden gift certificate! Way sweeter than she seems, you'll get to find out for yourself on Tuesday days, and Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.

Princess April loves to be on the other side of the bar when she is not bartending. She works at Baker Street and says it is "the best bar ever 'cause I'm here!" You can see April in all her glory on Tuesday and Saturday nights, and Friday and Sunday days. What she likes about bartending? "Dinero baby! Why else would I work?"

Kyle "the Yellow Dart" (whatever that means) plays back-up triangles for the Cherry Street Pushers, works at Baker Street on Monday and Friday night, and plays there with his band every other Tuesday. The things that Kyle likes about bartending here are the steady stream of ass, yelling at people, and rubbing against his female co-workers. Check him out at

Ken works our door and his turn ons are candle-lit dinners, nightime walks on the beach, and world peace. His turn-offs are bad breath, girls with "guy friends," and hairy (sorry, I can't write that). He works Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.

Nick is the one with the fancy hair. He is a full time student with a penchant for building and fixing things; he would make some lucky girl a great boyfriend if she had sheetrock or toiletry to repair. Nick takes bartending very seriously as his hobbies are to drink and meet girls. You can find him at Baker Street almost all the time, when he is not doing charity work.

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